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1. Name/Handle: Allie
2. Contact Details: email: jonahmatsuka and/or dial j
3. Personal LJ: zitianos

1. Fandom: Digital Devil Saga (also known as Shin Megami Tensei: DDS or DDS: Avatar Tuner)
2. Character Name: Serph
3a. Background/History Link: here! If this isn't enough, I'll write one out. DDS is pretty unknown so there's not much that's comprehensive out there in terms of plot.
3b. Conscripted Background: Serph arrived in the Conscripted world more than slightly bewildered. What he thought was Nirvana wasn't, and the thought of being betrayed hurt him at first. But he's a leader, through and through, and knows how to survive, so he quickly adapted to the lifestyle: it wasn't much different from his own, after all. Showing great promise and leadership skills, as well as being a formidable opponent on the battlefield, Serph was promoted as quickly as thought possible. He slowly, but surely, rose through the ranks after that, until becoming an Ace General.

Nowadays, Serph is loyal to his new home, though it is not without stray thoughts back to his old comrades--they will always be first in his heart. He commands his Brigade with harshness, but compassion, and expects only their full efforts and loyalty in return.

4. Point in Canon: Just after DDS1
5. Personality:

Despite being a silent protagonist, Serph does have a personality: whether it's through how others describe him or how you're supposed to answer something (and there is always a right answer and wrong answer), there is a lot implied, though not stated, to him.

The main factor in Serph is his comrades: the Embryon. He is incredibly loyal to them, because they're his family. Besides those he fought in the Junkyard, his comrades are the only people he's ever known. He regards him with a childlike innocence, though. if you were to explain love, he would probably admit to loving all of his comrades, not aware that it's not the social "norm." Of course, that requires some explanation: in the Junkyard, before they "awakened," nobody ever really knew emotions: most concepts that normal humans like us have known for our entire lives are completely lost to them.

As a leader, Serph is everything you could ever want. He's fearless and loyal with a calm mindset: it's not often that his face betrays his emotions, but when it does, there's still not much to be seen: you can sometimes tell his thoughts through his eyes, but boy language and other facial features don't often make his true feelings known. He's a man of few words, not only because he's a silent protag, but those few words that he does speak are often well thought out and honest.

Though he has become used to his condition, Serph takes no joy in devouring others. He does, however, understand that it is necessary both for immediate survival and the survival of his tribe. He eats so that his comrades (and himself) may get to Nirvana, finally.

It's important to note that the AI Serph, the Serph that is the main character of the game, bears little to no resemblance to Serph Sheffield, the man that Sera knew in her real life. The real Serph was cold, calculating, and manipulative: he molded Sera to his own liking, paying no mind to her physical and mental state. The AI Serph is based off of Sera's warped version of him, as compassionate and caring. The only thing the two share in common is that they are both extremely qualified leaders.

6. Class: Vagabond
7. Abilities: This is where things get messy: as a result of the events of DDS, Serph transforms into what is called an Atma Avatar. It's similar to a Persona, of the Persona series, but there's one major difference that has to be considered. Serph feels the compulsion to devour his enemies, rather than merely killing them: it's what he had to do to survive. It's described best in game, "Demons must consume Magnetite in order to survive. All things contain traces of this information construct, but humans and demons require great energy. The only way to preserve the information of one's existence is to devour one's enemies."

If he doesn't consume this, he grows gradually weaker until he loses control, attempting to devour everyone. So, mods, I would've asked this on the FAQ but since it's a pretty specific question, would he be allowed to devour those he defeats on the battlefield?

Varna, his Atma form, comes with Ice Spells, and is very weak to fire-based attacks, as is typical of RPGs.

Serph is, beyond his Atma Form, very fit and good with a gun.

8. Preferred Army: Verity
9. Preferred Position: Ace General
10. Non-Military Job:

Section III: *SAMPLES*
1. First-person Sample:
text transmission;

There is a matter I must call to your attention.

You all did well in that last battle, but harming others beyond a point which is needed is unacceptable. You must do what is necessary to survive in battle, but defacing bodies after they are dead does not fall into that category.

I will not allow this to continue.

Thank you.

2. Third-person Sample:

Serph walked the battlefield, his eyes as calm as always, his posture perfect. The battlefield was his home, had always been his home, but if asked he couldn't say that it was what he expected Nirvana to be. They had hoped to escape the fighting they had lived for--paradise being another battlefield almost infuriated him.

His reason to live, his comrades, were not there either. Were they not deserving of Paradise as well, no matter what that word entailed? They had fought alongside him, suffered as much as he had, if not more.

Why, then?

He remembered the rain of the Junkyard--it was raining now, a drizzle that at once uplifted spirits and sent them downwards. The downpour was something Serph was used to: it existed, just as he did. He lifted his hand up briefly and let a drop of water fall on it, before lifting the hand up and examining it. This new world was still strange to him, after all the time he'd been there, after all.

A flash of orange, the colors of the Embryon, brought Serph back to reality--while his eyes might have betrayed some of the hurt he felt before, he was grounded now. This was a battle, and his new comrades relied on him to survive. Speaking orders in a calm, soft voice, Serph slowly raised his head to view the enemy.

"We will win." were his last words, then he was gone, his demon unleashed, his true self lost in the heat of the battle. An enemy (or was it?) aimed an attack at him but he dodged, sending a blast of ice to stop him in his tracks. Though it seemed cruel to leave the young man to die of frostbite, rather than kill him outright, the demon that was Serph on the battlefield cared not. He had to survive, and to do that he had to engage the leader of the opposing faction. The demon was calling for Serph to devour, but the Leader was calling for him to win.
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