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Player Information

Name: Allie
Age: 20
AIM SN: call a joker
Have you played in an LJ based game before? yes! several, in fact.
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? I have rp_anontalk on stalkerpin, and a few people mentioned it.

Character Information

Canon Source: Doctor Who
Canon Format: Originally a tv show, Doctor Who now spans almost all mediums, from books to comics and beyond! But most of them can't be considered canon.
Character's Name: The Master
Character's Age: His exact age is unknown, but he's assumed to be very, very old. Over hundreds of years old. This particular incarnation, however, looks like he's in his fourties.
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. n/a

What form will your character's NV take? I imagine that it will take the form of a normal cellphone--the Master created a cellphone network that sent out a form of telepathy, so his NV would probably be a homage to that. Something very high-tec looking though, but something that the Master would be able to take apart, because he likes to mess around with gadgets and make them, well, suitable for his dastardly needs.

Character's Canon Abilities: The Master is a Timelord, which gives him several powers:
-Immortality; not in that traditional way, though. Timelords, when close to death, start a process of regeneration, which basically turns them into an entirely new person, personality et all, though their memories of their previous lives are in tact. However, if a Timelord dies before the regeneration can take place, they are dead for good.
-Different physiology; the Master has two hearts, an internal body temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, and has a special resiratory bypass system that allows him to breathe (for a short time) in space and resist strangulation.
-Time Travel; Timelord's bodies are designed to be able to travel through time, via TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space; the blue police box that Doctor Who is famous for).
-Telepathy; while all Timelords can communicate by telepathy to some extent, the Master is downright hypnotic. In his previous regenerations, the Master was shown to be able to control a person simply by saying, "I am the Master. You will obey me." In his current incarnation, the Master was able to input a code into a telephone network that sent out a low-level telepathic signal commanding the entire world to trust in him and vote for him for prime minister.
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? n/a
Weapons: I would like for the Master to have his laser screwdriver with him! First of all, this device is a sort of knock off of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, made by the Master himself. It has a biometric security feature that enables only the Master to use it. As far as actual uses go, it can kill with a laser and it can age people, provided that the device has a genetic blueprint of the intended victim. That's about it's been shown to do.

Character History: As the Master's history spans, well, almost fourty years of television, I'll be keeping this history to the relevant parts, especially since it's canon that different reincarnations of Timelords are essentially different people. For information on the other incarnations, Wikipedia is sufficient.

The Master grew up with his childhood friend the Doctor (though those names would not be taken up until later in life; it's not known what their names were before they were the Doctor and the Master) on the planet Gallifrey, home of the Timelords. As part of his initiation as a timelord, the Master, at age eight, is forced to stare into a rift in space that opens directly into the entire vortex of time. It's implied by the Doctor that this is what causes the Master to go psychopathic; however, it's later revealed that this is not the case.

In fact, the drumming he hears in his head is the source: it's a signal that was placed into his mind specifically so that he would go mad, becoming the perfect soldier for the war the Timelords waged, aptly called the Time War.

That's all that's known of his childhood, but for the next fourty years our time, the Master played as the Professor Mortiarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes, coming up with dastardly ingenious plans only to have them foiled by his former friend. Fast forward to present time, which for the Doctor is at the very end of the universe. Gallifrey is currently timelocked, thanks to the outcome of the Time War, which essentially means that the Doctor believes himself to be the very last of the Timelords in existence.

This is not the case; shortly before the Master's return to Doctor Who, the Doctor is given a message by the Face of Boe, an immortal, stating simply, "You Are Not Alone."

At the end of the universe, the Doctor meets an old man who calls himself Professor Yana, and his assistant Chantho. Together, along with the Doctor's current companions, Capt. Jack Harkness and Martha Jones, they attempt to solve the problem of a dying human race plagued by other beings. But when the Doctor, Jack, and Martha begin to talk about certain items special to Timelords, like the TARDIS, Yana finds himself questioning his existence. He takes out his pocket watch, which Martha recognizes as a special watch the Doctor once showed her: it allows Timelords to become humans, completely erasing their memories of their former lives. A last resort, in case of what would otherwise be certain destruction, possibly during a Time War.

Curiosity compels him to open the watch, which restores his identity: the Master.

He then hijacks the Doctor's TARDIS, which is now locked so that it may only travel between two times: the current one, and the one it last traveled to, which in this case is the 21st century, 18 months before the 2008 election for Prime Minister. He sets up an identity for himself as Harold Saxon, husband of Lucy Saxon and number 1 candidate for Prime Minister. During these 18 months, he creates a telephone network known as the Archangel Network, that sends out a low level telepathy signal telling the word, "Vote Saxon" and "Trust in me." And they do. Harold Saxon wins the election.

At the end of the universe, it's revealed, the Master found four of a dying species that he soon dubbed the Toclafane, after a Gallifreyan fairytale. He then brought them with him to the 21st century, where he claims that they will be the first contact Earth makes with an alien species. He even plans on televising the event. Of course, the rest of the world isn't happy with the fact that Britain found aliens first, so America swoops in and takes the event out of the Master's hands. They decide to host the event on the airship Valiant, into which the Doctor, Jack, and Martha sneak.

It's there that they find that Doctor's TARDIS, only to see that it's been cannibalised--transformed into something much more suitable to the Master's needs. A paradox machine. The Master uses this paradox machine to allow the six billion humans alive at the end of the universe to return to the 21st century as Toclafane. It creates a temporal paradox that allows the Toclafane to then destroy their ancestors without harming their future--or, rather, their present.

The Doctor, Jack, and Martha attempt to stop him at the broadcast, but the Master uses his newly built laser screwdriver (along with the Doctor's hand, which was removed a while back and then regenerated, for the genetic blueprint) to age the Doctor by a hundred years, effectively putting him out of commission. Martha escapes via teleportation. The Master calls on the newly arrived Toclafane, commanding them to kill ten percent of the entire population of the world.

The Master is now Master Of The Earth. Things stay like this for an entire year, before Martha returns to Britain for the first time since teleporting away. The Master hears word of her return and televises him using his laser screwdriver on the Doctor again, this time aging him so far that he doesn't look quite human anymore. A message to her, he calls it.

Only moments later, the Master reveals that he is on the verge of sending the Toclafane to conquer the rest of the galaxy, effectively making him the Master Of All Matter, as his goals have been described. But Martha "hacks" the Archangel network and instead of transmitting "Fear the Master," it encourages people to hope for the Doctor. The Doctor then uses this energy to restore his former body, and tells the Master, "I forgive you.".

Of course, the Master doesn't appreciate that, and threatens to blow up the entire fleet he has awaiting his orders, thus eradicating the Earth as well, but the Doctor calls his bluff, knowing that the Master could never kill himself, which he would have to do to pull off that plan. The Master is forced to surrender. Jack and a team of soldiers destroy the paradox machine, which makes it so that the events of the past year never happened; only those on board the Valiant remember.

Martha's mother, formerly held captive by the Master, attempts to kill the latter, but the Doctor stops her.

Lucy Saxon shoots her husband. The Doctor, who still feels affection for his friend, urges the dying Master to regenerate, but the Master refuses, as he doesn't want to be a prisoner for the rest of his life.

"I win. Will it stop, Doctor? Will the drumming stop?" Are his last words, and then he's gone.

Or so they think.

The Doctor lights up a funeral pyre for his fallen comrade, but the ring the Master always wore escapes the flames. Fast forward a few years, to Christmas Eve; everyone on the world has a strange dream of the Master, laughing triumphantly, only to forget it when the awake.

During this time, Lucy Saxon has been imprisoned for the murder of her husband. A strange woman visits her, taking her out of her cell. The woman leads her to a room where she reveals that during his time as Prime Minister, the Master created a cult designed specifically to revive him should something go wrong. They begin the revival after retrieving parts of his genetic makeup left behind on Lucy. But during the ceremony, Lucy reveals that she knew all along that they would try this, and botches the whole affair.

The Master is reborn with new powers, but along with the return of the drumming, he finds himself devastatingly hungry at all times. Lucy blows up the place, killing herself and everyone in it, but the Master survives. He wreaks havoc for a while, killing innocents while the Doctor learns of his return from the Ood, another alien species, and seeks out the Master. They find each other again, but this time, when the Master leans in close and urges the Doctor, the drumming, which until now the Doctor had assumed was only in the Master's imagination, is audible to them both.

Unfortunately, before they can make any more headway, the Master is taken into a helicopter and shipped off to the clutches of Joshua Naismith, a billionaire who wants to use a special gate to make his daughter immortal. The gate, however, is broken, and Joshua believes the Master can fix it. Through the course of these actions, it's revealed that the gate is designed to heal people on a global scale--that is, the person who steps into the gate, if they are healthy, is imprinted onto the rest of a certain race, effectively healing entire species.

The Master, of course, has other plans, and the Doctor breaks into the mansion they've been residing in just in time for the Master to step into the gate, which is set to humans, and turn every human everywhere into an exact copy of himself. He calls it the Master race. The Doctor is rescued before the Master can take him captive once again.

It's at this point that the Master realizes that the drumming in his head, which is now amplified by his clones, is a signal. He uses a star fallen from Gallifrey to create a link to his lost planet, Gallifrey. The Doctor crashed in through the ceiling, literally, just in time to witness the descent of the Timelord Council onto Earth. The Master attempts to imprint himself onto all Timelords, but the Timelord President stops him and returns humanity to themselves. The Timelords then reveal their own plan--to end time itself and ascend to a new state of being.

Thus, the Doctor has two choices: kill the Master (the link keeping the Timelords there) or kill the Timelord President himself. Instead, he chooses to shoot the machine containing the fallen star, and the Master sacrifices himself to keep the Timelord Council from dragging the Doctor back with him.

The Master's actual fate is currently unknown.

Point in Canon: From just before his death: the Doctor had just "resurrected" himself, and the Master threatened to blow up his entire fleet, when Jack Harkness and his team destroy the Paradox Machine, sending the Earth back to normal. Then, suddenly, he's here!
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality:

The Master is, essentially, an insane genius. He has a knack for making devices work exactly how he wants them to, which is usually for less than noble causes. Since his introduction in the world of Doctor Who, that's seemingly been his entire purpose of being: to wreak havoc on the Doctor's life through convoluted plans, only to ruin them by eventually jumping out and yelling, "It was me the whole time!"

He's cunning, ruthless, and heavily possessive of everything around him. His motivations are best described as him desiring to have all that he sees, like a child. His ambition knows no bounds: he will do anything and everything to get what he wants. However, his ego usually gets in the way, because as mentioned before, he likes to be credited with everything--the Master is not a master of covert operations, though recently he has become somewhat better at these sorts of things.

Most of the world doesn't see his insane side, though; while he doesn't try to hide it, his powers of hypnotism mean that he's basically a real manipulative bastard. Even if he says, "HEY I JUST KILLED THIS GUY" in an area full of police, it's within his power to smooth the whole thing over. It's very rare that someone can resist his charm.

He's also obsessed with winning against the Doctor. In the final moments of his life, he refused to regenerate because then he would "win", by not allowing himself to become a prisoner for the rest of his long life. He is terrified that the Doctor will have power over him, which is why he's upset when the Doctor states that he forgives him; forgiveness is a form a power, one that the Master doesn't like having held over him. He does care about the Doctor though, in his own possessive, insane, way.

While that all describes the Master in general, the newest incarnation of the Master (not taking the revived!Master into account, because he's even more crazy, as impossible as that sounds) is almost like a child. He has the remarkable ability to make light of dire situations, and usually tends to joke around. For instance, when the American President greets him and soon becomes tired of "Mr. Saxon"'s antics, the latter pretends to zip his lips. The next time he tries to speak, he does so while muffling his voice, as if speaking through lips that were zipped closed. After "unzipping" his lips, he talks normally.

The drums in his head are also of note, as the Master has become so used to them that he wonders what it would be like without them several times. He asks the Doctor whether they could rid him of it, but remarks in his revived form that he doesn't know what he would be without them. They're the center of his life, the reason for his being. Therefore, while he struggles with the curse of them, he also welcomes it with open arms, shying away that foreign future he both longs for and abhors.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a
Character Plans: Oh, you know, nefarious deeds, and all that. Actually, the Master will probably try to create some sort of teleporter to get him home; after all, can't have the Doctor thinking he's won, just because the Master's in another dimension! In the meantime, though, he'll probably try to take over something. Maybe an apartment complex or two.


Writing Samples

First Person Sample [a video post!]

[during the first shot, you can see that the Master's grinning widely.]

Oh, you nefarious mysterious rulers, you! Always yanking people into dimensions they don't belong in! Well, never fear, citizens of this Strange New Place, you can trust in Harold Saxon to save the day!

[How strange: any person viewing this transmission may feel compelled to believe in him, without even realizing it. It's like an instinct--believe in Harold Saxon.]

But before that can happen! I need information. Who's up first?

Third Person Sample

"You're fucked now." was the first thing the Master read upon arriving in the City. He couldn't help but feel some sort of irony in that statement, as he'd been fucked before he'd even gotten there--suddenly being pulled into another dimension (and he knew it had to be another dimension, because there was no way that everything could be written naturally in English, as that would mean he was on Earth--which belonged to him. So it had to be another dimension.) was actually better for him.

He'd won. By some miracle of fate (though of course he didn't believe in such things; he was the master of everything and therefore he was the master fate), he had escaped the possibility of becoming the Doctor's prisoner for the rest of his life, and he'd done it without killing himself. He was a genius, wasn't he. Go him.

It was then that he laughed, a deep, resounding laugh, that probably unnerved everyone who heard it.

He hadn't won, had he? That was the thing--if he was in another dimension, where was he in the other dimension? The Doctor would think he'd won, wouldn't he? With no Master and no Paradox Machine, The Doctor had won, simply by proxy of the Master not being there.

He laughed again, throwing his head back. He had to go back. He needed to win, to be able to yell, "I am the Master of all!" and have the Doctor believe it. But the question was--how was he to get back?
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